Monday, April 8, 2013

It drives me crazy that we live in a society where people think it's okay to comment on a person's weight and eating habits, whether that person is a friend, family or stranger. If I want to have a second dessert, that's my business. If I lose 30 pounds, that's my business too.

I hate when people comment on how much weight I've lost over the past five years. When they say "Wow, you look great!" they're basically saying "You used to be really fat." Once a woman had the gall to ask me who I had let out (alter) a dress for me. I hadn't.

When people ask me how I lost all the weight, my stock answer has become "I graduated." Yes, I gained a lot of weight in college, and have lost most of it since I graduated, but really my weight has been fluctuating ever since I hit puberty. It's become such a common question (pretty much guaranteed if I haven't seen someone for a long time), I've been tempted to change my answer to "nausea and vomiting" or "heavy medication" or "nothing" because they're all true, but that's not what people want to hear.

I was really proud of my 'niece' (we're not really related) the other day when she ate an entire box of gnocchi by herself. "I'm a growing girl," she said with no shame at all. If anything, she was proud of herself.